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PooPockets™ Make a diaper stacker for your PooPockets™.

PooPockets!™ Diaper Pattern

PooPockets Pattern
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PooPockets & Diaper

Countour Doubler/ Pocket Stuffer


Pocket 'n Stuffer PooPockets™

Free instructions for making PooPockets™ "pocket 'n stuffer" style.

PooPockets Diaper

PooPockets Diaper

PooPockets Diaper

Suggested Fabric: Cotton Flannel (double napped), French Terry, Terry Towelling, Stretch (knit) Terry, Gauze, Birdseye, Cotton Fleece, Interlock, anything soft, absorbent and durable.

Fabric Required: Yardage is for Pre-shrunk fabric!

44" wide fabric: 3/4 yard (1 complete diaper, same fabric).
58" wide fabric: 5/8 yard or a generous 1/2 yard.
If you are using a combination of fabrics, such as flannel on the outside and knit terry for the inner pad, then use a generous 1/2 yard of each fabric.

Tiny Poopockets™: 1/2 yard.

Contour Doubler/Pocket Stuffer: P/Sm: 3/8 Yard, Sm/M & M/L: 1/2 Yard

Standard Doubler & Fold-to-Fit™ Doubler: 1/4 to 1/3 yard.

*HINT!* It is generally more fabric-efficient to cut several diapers at the same time. Due to variations in fabric widths, it's important to experiment with your own fabric to see what will be most efficient.

It is possible to get 6 diapers out of 2 2/3 yds. of fabric that is 58" wide cut on a single layer. If there are 5 1/3 yds. of fabric and it's folded with the raw edges together, it's possible to get 12 diapers.

Notions: Thread. PooPockets™ 1/3 yard 1/4" wide braided elastic. Cut two pieces 5 1/4" long. Tiny PooPocketsTM 1/3 yard 1/4" wide braided elastic. Cut two pieces 4 1/4" long. Tracing paper or equivalent.

Suggested Fabrics: 100% cotton flannel, French terry, sherpa terry, terry toweling, knit (stretch) terry, Birdseye, gauze, any soft soft and absorbent fabric. Knit terries should be at least 80% cotton.

Sewing Level: Easy!

Machines and Methods: PooPockets! Diapers can be sewn with a serger or a regular sewing machine. Sergers tend to sew the fastest and finish the edges of the diapers neatly and durably. Regular sewing machines set to zigzag stitches or other overcast stitches can be used effectively to imitate sergers. Just a simple straight stitch done with a regular sewing machine and a method called 'stitching and turning' creates beautifully finished diapers.

Helpful Hints: PooPockets! Diapers can be made in as many ways as there people who make them. PooPockets! can be made entirely of one type of fabric or a mix, for instance, flannel for one diaper layer and knit terry for the other. Choice and combinations of fabrics are a personal preference. There are advantages and disadvantages to all choices. Some things to consider when choosing your fabric are: comfort, absorbency, durability, and drying time.

Customer Comments: "For my two cents worth: I LOVE the diapers I have made using the PooPocket pattern. Love, Love, LOVE them!! I highly recommend buying the diaper with the pattern for visual help as you make your own. I have no affiliation -- NAYY-- except as a very happy customer."
--Sarah P.

I just made my first PooPocket and it looks great! I thought the gussets would be hard because I've never made any before, but they were simple. Your pattern was easy to follow too. --K.E. "I really like the fit with the gussets, and it does fit my skinny toddler and fat baby with no problem. I will (and have) highly recommend your pattern to others!" --M.G.

"I wanted to tell you I really like the poo pockets diaper. I don't want to name names of any others that I don't like. But, so far this is the best diaper of this kind that I have tried! Thanks" --Leslie

"I recently got a PooPockets pattern from Kimi at New Conceptions. It is awsome. She was incredible to work with. It only took a few minutes from start to finish and the gussets were so simple it amazed me." --L.F.

"Wow - I am so impressed at how easy this pattern was! I thought the gussets would be difficult, but it was really no big deal. It took me less than one hour to make my first poopockets" --S.

"i just recieved my pattern (poopocket) a few days ago and this weekend i made 2...i can sew them faster than they dry......the pattern was so easy...and the tips included were a lifesaver...i am making all my grandbabies diapers poopockets!!!!!!!!....this is the only diaper pattern i need...." --Teresa

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