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Personal Things™ Pattern

Personal Things™  Pattern
Our Price:   $12.95


Contoured Nursing Pads

Mini Tote

She Shell™

Femme Fold™

Panty Wrapper™ & Pad

Suggested Fabric:
Mini Tote:  Waterproof wovens or knits such as Ultrex®, Supplex®, felted wool, or polyurethane laminated fabrics.

Contoured Nursing Pads, Sanitary Pads, Panty Liner, She Shell™, Femme-Fold™ Sanitary Pad:Absorbent layers:  100% cotton interlock, jersery, knit terry, french terry, flannel, light-weight twill, lace fabric for outer layer optional on contoured nursing pads. Waterproof layer:  Waterproof wovens or knits such as Ultrex®, Supplex®, felted wool, or polyurethane laminate fabrics.

Panty Wrapper:  Light-weight fabrics, woven or knit, 100% cotton or cotton blends, such as interlock, jersey, flannel and calico.

Fabric Required:
Scraps may be sufficient for many of the items.

Item Absorbent Fabric Waterproof Fabric
Contoured Nursing Pads 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
Mini Tote 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
Sanitary Pads 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
Panty Liner 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
She Shell™ 1/4 yard 1/4 yard
Femme-Fold™Sanitary Pad 1/2 yard 1/4 yard

Mini Tote:  1 yard of 1/8" wide Soutache, ribbon or cording.
Panty Line and Sanitary Pads A & C:  3/4" wide loop tape 4" long.
She Shell™ and Femme-Fold™ Saniray Pad:  Two socket sets and one stud set size 14 snaps.
Your Own Adjusted Panties:  3/4" wide hook tape 4" long, disappearing fabric marking pen, 1 pair panties.

Sewing Level:  Easy!

Machines and Methods:  Instructions are included in the Personal Things™ Pattern for using a regular sewing and/or a serger.

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