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Diaper Covers Deluxe™ Pattern

Diaper Covers Deluxe Pattern
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Quick Snap
Quick Wrap

Suggested Fabric:
Polyurethane Laminated Fabrics, Felted Wool, Polyester Fleece*, Ultrex® and other coated fabrics.

*Not all fleece is water resistant. Suggested brands include Polartec® and Yukon®.

Choosing the Right Size:

Quick Wrap™
Size Weight (lbs.)
Preemie 3 - 5
Newborn 5 - 10
Small 10 - 15
Medium 15 - 20
Large 20 - 25
X-Large 25 - 35+
Quick Snap™ & Pull-Ons™
Size Weight (lbs.)
Newborn 6 - 12
Small 13 - 18
Medium 18 - 22
Large 22 - 32
X-Large 32 - 38+

Notions:  Thread.
Quick Wrap™: 5/8 yard of 1/4" wide braided elastic, 1/3 yard of 1 1/2" wide to 2" wide Hook & Loop Tape, 2 1/4 yards of 1 3/4" wide or 2" wide non-wicking binding*.
Quick Snap™: 4 sets snap studs, 8 sets snap sockets size 16, 2 2/3 yards of 1 3/4" wide or 2" wide non-wicking binding*.
Pull-Ons™: 3/8" wide braided elastic - 3/4 yard Newborn, 7/8 yard Small, 1 yard Medium and Large, 1 1/8 yard X-Large.

Amount of Fabric Required:
1/2 yard or a scrap 18" x 18" for sizes Preemie thru Small.
5/8 yard or a scrap 24" x 22" for sizes Medium thru X-Large.

The binding of a diaper covers should not wick moisture from the wet diaper to the outside. When choosing binding fabric always consider wicking as an important factor. Some examples of recommended binding are as follows: staliblized nylon tricot, nylon tricot (not stabilized), binding strips cut from diaper cover fabric, fold-over elastic, Lycra® / Spandex® ready-made binding.

Sewing Level:  Moderate skill is required to apply the binding.

Machines and Methods:  Use a regular sewing machine for all cover styles.  A zigzag stitch is recommended in some steps, but is not required.

Machines Attachments:  There is a sewing machine foot available at Nancy’s Notions, Ltd. called the Bias Binder Foot. I highly recommend it. Also, if you have a machine that takes snap-on feet, like an Elna, this foot does still work with a small modification. Simply push out the metal pin that hold the shank to the foot, I used a straight pin to push out the metal pin. Then the shank comes right off and you can snap the foot right onto your machine.

Customer Comments: "PooPockets Diaper pattern is fantastic! I also have the quick wrap pattern & it is GREAT!!! What a professional result!" --Amy

"All my covers are made with the quick wrap pattern.  The cover gussets have saved me from being pooped on many times, LOL.  Better the cover than me :)"  -- Tami

"I finally made my first diaper wrap from your pattern. I wanted to tell you how much I love it. I did the quick wrap. I purchased a bias binding foot for the occasion. I am so happy with them! The bb foot makes a huge difference in making them look professional, I think. Thank you again for your wonderful pattern. I'm gonna recommend it to anyone who is interested."

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